Why Choose Freebird?

Our whole farming ethos is based around animal welfare. We believe that careful rearing of our birds to strict free range principles ensures the best life for them and the best product for you. The following snapshot of how we rear our chickens should illustrate this point as all our birds are raised to the same exacting standards.

How we rear chickens

We buy day old chicks from the hatchery and for the first 4 weeks the chicks are brooded. This is a necessary, stress-reducing step in producing healthy, happy birds. The chicks are housed in one of our purpose built brood units where they are kept safe, warm and dry with heat lamps before being transferred to an ark in the field where they can range freely.
Once outside, our chickens are allowed to slowly mature on our verdant pastures which are free from any kind of artificial fertilizer. In the arks they have easy access to food and water. There is no competition between birds for food and water as competition can lead to injury and stress to the birds, resulting in a poor quality bird. The birds are also fed on a totally GM free diet.
After the birds are finished the arks are moved to fresh pasture providing new birds with fresh grass.

There is no substitute for time...

The age of a bird has a major effect on its taste and texture. Our chicken tastes better because it is matured for longer.
Supermarket free range chicken has to be a minimum of 56 days (8 weeks) old. Unfortunately with the pressures exerted by market forces this minimum usually becomes the norm.
We finish our birds at a minimum of 84 days (12 weeks). This gives the birds plenty of time to fully develop and show good 'confirmation' (i.e.the right shape and proportion of muscle.).

By choosing Freebird you are not just buying delicious poultry; you know exactly where your purchase has come from and how it has been produced. We think it is a winning combination and we hope you do too!