Christmas Pork, Bacon & Gammons

Christmas Pork, Bacon & Gammons

North Devon Free Range Pork and Bacon

Our pigs are allowed to mature very slowly, which is key for their great texture. Throughout September and October their diet is supplemented with apples and pears from our orchard. Our kids really enjoy feeding the pigs these treats and all visitors are encouraged to take part!

They live outdoors in small groups and have an ark and plenty of space to run about in. The piglets love to play chase around the ark or their mother for that matter! It is always a joy to watch.

We currently only sell our pork and bacon products via the internet at Christmas so any items you purchase will be dispatched prior to Christmas.

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  1. Back Bacon

    Back Bacon


    Six rashers of unsmoked back bacon, essential part of any breakfast! Learn More
  2. Streaky Bacon

    Streaky Bacon


    Ten rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon. Ideal for covering your turkey and perfect in your stuffing. Learn More
  3. Free Range Pork Sausagemeat

    Free Range Pork Sausagemeat


    450g of pork sausagemeat, essential part of any turkey stuffing. Learn More
  4. Gammon Joint

    Gammon Joint


    Just the thing for Boxing Day lunch and a must for your turkey and ham pie. Learn More

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