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  1. Bronze Turkey

    Reserve Your Christmas Bird


    Back again this year our reserve and collect service for local customers. This means you can order your Christmas Turkey, Goose or Chicken - not forgetting the delicious trimmings to go with them - online and in advance, but without the delivery charge, just let us know where you would like to collect your order from.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Select the items you require (if you require more than one of each item, please specify the quantity in the text box below) and specify your desired collection point.
    2. Enter your details at checkout, specify ‘Free Delivery’ and pay your £10 deposit.
    3. Pick up your goods and pay your balance at the specified collection point all ready for a wonderful Christmas!
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  2. Freebird "THE BIG 'KEN" Chicken

    Freebird "THE BIG 'KEN" Chicken


    Out of stock

    A whopper of a chicken! A 3.5kg+ bird. Please note they are only available to order at Christmas Learn More
  3. Whole Free Range Goose



    Complete luxury and a real treat for Christmas.

    Why not try one of our lovely free range geese this Christmas. We have not raised any geese this year. We have sourced some great geese that we believe will match the quality of our own geese.

    Goose is deliciously rich but not overly gamey meat, with a similar texture and flavour to duck. It is a real luxury but worth every penny!

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  4. Christmas Bronze Turkey

    Christmas Bronze Turkey


    The Christmas classic. The ultimate turkey experience.

    Why not try one of our beautiful free range bronze turkeys for Christmas.

    Our bronze turkeys have been carefully and thoughtfully reared on our lush green pastures and are fed a well-balanced cereal based diet. We believe that to produce the best turkey, and a Christmas meal to remember you must start with the best birds. For this reason we only use Kelly’s Farmgate Hatcheries (

    To prepare, the birds are dry plucked and hung for at least 7 days. These two steps ensure that once properly cooked your turkey will have beautifully crisp skin and a full flavour.

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