About Freebird Poultry

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Suppliers Of Free Range Eggs and Poultry in North Devon

In 2005 after working for a local farmer we decided to set up our poultry farm using free range principles. We rented a small field above the village of Braunton, North Devon and brooded our chicks in the stables while I built our first arks. As the months went on and demand increased through word of mouth and local farmers' markets, we bought some modular arks that we could add to as the business grew.

In 2007, after an 18 month search, we bought a piece of land on the edge of Georgeham that was perfect for our ever expanding business. We have now erected a purpose-built barn that houses our brood units and acts as a store for the feed and straw. Poultry farming is extremely hard work but it is also incredibly rewarding. We are passionate about the way that we rear our birds and we will not compromise on our standards, even though it creates a lot of extra work. We we want to deliver the best possible product to our customers and we genuinely believe that the best flavour comes from healthy, happy birds. When a new customer comes back telling us that ours is the best chicken they have ever tasted, it really makes our day!

We have always been a very family-orientated business - we rented our first field from my mum and dad. Nowadays, our two sons Archie and Ned are particularly adept at catching the chickens and our daughter Mari is always telling us what to do! Whether it is trussing turkeys, catching geese or delivering chickens, our parents are always on hand to help out, too. By ordering a Freebird free range Chicken, Turkey, Goose or Guinea Fowl you can be assured of buying the finest product that has been reared with care by the Kingdon family.

2011 was an exciting year here at March End Farm. We finally moved to the farm making everyone's lives much easier and it means I always have willing helpers to hand!

In early 2012 we build a new layers house and promptly filled it with 250 layers. We now supply Georgeham Stores, along with some of our local pubs and hotels, with our lovely fresh free rang eggs.

We now have some new breeding sows to help us increase our pig herd. This will enable us sell pork for most of the year and also fullfill all the requests for our Christmas gammons - last year we had sold out by mid November!

At the end of 2013 we carried out a comprehensive review of our business as our current chicken arks were reaching the end of their useful lives and we needed to re-invest in Freebird Free Range Poultry. It was at this stage, for a number of reasons, that we decided to stop rearing our own free range table birds.

Back in early 2012 we moved into egg production as a way of enhancing our offering to our customers and it is here that we have decided to make a significant investment for Freebird's future.

We intend to keep supplying free range chicken, sourced from Devon farmers that share the same high standards and free-range rearing ethos as our own. We are confident that we can continue to supply the same quality chicken.

We will still be rearing our own free range pigs and so will continue to sell all our free range pork, sausages and bacon. Christmas remains an important part of our calendar and we will continue to rear free range turkeys.

We are very proud of what we have achieved with our free range chickens, but now feel the time is right for a change. We are very grateful for all the support of our customers and hope that we can continue to supply you with our high quality products.



Nick Kingdon